Saturday, April 30, 2011


When Jesus came down from the area of the garden in which he had just taken upon himself the sins of the world, had sweat great drops of blood, and suffered more than any person can comprehend, he knew it was only the beginning of his struggles when he received the next measure of treason. A kiss delivered by one of his own, pain through his heart by the soft touch of flesh in what would normally be recognized as a touch of kindness was a treasonous example of greed and bribery. For 30 pieces of Silver a man that was loved for all his perfect abilities as well as his flaws sold that love for an immediate need. What came next was to change history forever, but how could Judas have known that. He fortified his needs, momentarily, then realized the aftermath of his decision.

In life we sometimes are faced with similar examples of this same kind of behavior, but to often we over look it. Greed and the enticement of the carnal world in which seems to plague our surroundings appeal to us much like they did to Judas in his day. It is easy, I think, to forget those thing we learn sometimes like "Choose the right", "our Duty to God" , "Strength for Youth", so on and so forth, when the bribery looks so good.

Recently in my home I felt my own level of betrayal, and though my life and story are nothing like that of Jesus or Judas, the things that have happened recently reminded me of such. My heart was broken, my trust gone, and harsh reality  had set in that those closest to me were acting on their own accord, with their own aspirations in mind. I was betrayed by one who I worked so hard to save from the vain ambitions of the carnal world, traded for materialist pieces of silver.

I can't say how Jesus felt or how he dwelt with the betrayal he endured, because I wasn't there. The fact that Jesus suffered, died, and rose again because of the plan of salvation and the meaning of the atonement was something magnificent that had to happen and was planned out from the beginning of time. The fact that Judas betrayed Him, that had to happen as well, his greed however cost him his life, and his place with his Father forever.

I guess sometimes the fact that we know the outcome of the choice we make doesn't seem to matter at the time. However the impact, or Aftermath that it creates can echo for eternity. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

spinning wheels

As I look back at the last time Ive posted its been almost a year. Unfortunately I don't know if it been time or desire I've lacked the most to write.

I stand for what I believe and always have even when it hasn't won favor with those that don't agree. I have recently been a bit troubled by those closest to our family. Some of those whom we've drawn closest to in the past several years have began to get a little under my skin. I have lost faith in some, trust in others, hope for a few, and have been very disappointed in the decisions of those who once were rated very high in my opinion. I have watched men make decisions of men instead of being led of God and have watched men strong in God be led away by men.

As I began upon the journey of turning my life around over 4 years ago and becoming a follower of Christ , a lot of important ordinances and duties were revealed to me and my family that was not present before our Baptism. I have always had a strong love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and truly can testify of the Restoration, Joesph Smith, Book of Mormon, Temples , and Prophets today.

I will not say why for sure, but can say that I know that the saying " the gospel is perfect , the people are not" is something to hold dear to. I am very upset by some recent things that have went on and things Ive either been a part of or heard of. I have no desire to be a part of the "leadership" group any longer and feel that not knowing anything that goes on would be best especially when it comes to such a tight knitted little family that can't ever seem to keep its mouth shut.

The part in the scriptures that references to not judging others and also talks about forgiving all men is something people need to read daily. Maybe in there interpretation of the Word, they feel that they judge wisely when they make inappropriate comments about an investigators choice of clothing or maybe its the ill look upon there face when they refer to a new members choice of clothing for Sunday or the fact that still wear more than one ear ring. Whatever the minute complaint, it still falls as judgment and still makes me uneasy.

I cannot speak For the Lord Himself, but if I had to guess........ I'm pretty sure he don't really really care what we all have on as long as were there, and further more, I find it hard to believe that a God as merciful as ours would condemn us for fundamental discrepancies.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Those of you that know me , know that I work for the LDS church as a maintenance mechanic taking care of the various meeting houses within my Stake borders, 10 in all. Most members in our Faith do not receive any pay for their service, just like myself when I worship on Sundays and prepare talks or others do we are all based upon the principles of lay ministry and giving freely of our time to serve in the Lord's work. In any case the work that I perform requires many different types of skills, some are plumbing, others electrical and HVAC work, sometimes I am painting or even cleaning, but whatever the day en tales one thing is always needed for me to do my job and that is my handy Palm Pilot. It contains all the serial, model, and makes of every piece of equipment used in every application in all the different buildings. It also contains all the address's telephone numbers and contact info for any one or place, so it is a very helpful tool to have, or should I say was. Tuesday night someone took it upon themselves to pay our country home a visit in the dark, there by helping themselves to some items from inside my truck, one of the missing items......a Palm Pilot!

Can you believe that! I live on a road that within a mile literally holds five other homes besides mine, and I know each family! I called the local Sheriff"s Department and they came out and filed a report, but the chances of getting my stuff back is slim to none. You know when I was younger and lived in the city , my car had gotten broken into several times and I just learned to not leave anything in it and leave it unlocked, it was cheaper for repairs. When we moved to a small town someone stole some straps from the tool box on my work trailer so I put a padlock on it and never had anymore problems. I currently live in a remote area of the country were nothing ever bad happens..........almost never LOL .

A lesson from the life of understanding is something I must be supposed to learn, or how to appreciate the fact that all things in this world are not permanent. One or the other. Either way it reminds me of the time we lived in town and someone walked right up to our back door through the snow and took my LP tank off the outside BBQ grill, I was mad at first, then I talked to my Dad and told him what happened and he said " maybe those folks that took it needed it more than you, maybe they didn't have any heat or way to cook for their family." What a Saint Dad is. I guess the person that took my stuff will find something to get from it, I wish they would have stole the scriptures off the dash, maybe they could have gotten something from that.

A lesson for me perhaps, a laugh for them, they didn't take the charger and the battery in the Palm is so old it dies after about one hour.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Good morning Brothers and sisters, my talk today was given to me by my lovely wife, while being over stressed and over worked, felt unable to give this talk so I volunteered to help out and I must say that it is not only befitting for myself to give this talk but also a huge blessing to be able to speak on such a wonderful subject, The topic today is Charity. The first thing I thought of when I looked at the subject line on the talk sheet was , “I am charitable”, but after thinking about the subject matter more deeply and reviewing my own role in the charity towards others I found that perhaps I have some areas to improve upon myself.

Some of the greatest stories in the history of the Scriptures have charity in them, we all remember the story of the 10 lepers that Jesus so kindly healed or the woman who’s disease of the blood was healed at the touch of His robe, or one of my favorite were the woman being convicted at the steps of the temple for adultery was pardoned by the Savior with His soft spoken words “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Those are just a couple of the very many that stem from a long list of so many examples of how Charity was overflowing from the Savior. As with so many of the other important Prophets and Apostles of both yesterday and today.

So my question to myself and also to all of you is “are we being Charitable to others, have we put aside our own concerns and focused upon another’s, are we consumed with self help books and c/d’s on how to fix our own lives and better ourselves in all aspect first and for most, and then we worry about our family, friends, or neighbors.

We as Latter day Saints have something that no other church in the world today has, we have the gift of restored truths with principles that allow us to not only excel l above normal expectations but be a light in the darkness of society today to set the example of the ever legendary commandment of “Love thy Neighbor” Something found amongst the Latter Day Saints that is our huge legacy that comes from the Relief Society as well as the Priesthood ,is the ever necessary need for service among the children of God. We truly are people who are willing to give of ourselves whenever we can and I am proud to be able to be a part of service.

From Corinthians comes the beautiful truth, “Charity never faileth.” A wonderful line from new testament that is so appropriately used by our beloved Sisters today in the Relief Society, the very motto found at ever ward or branch worldwide by these special examples of the Savior’s love.

What is charity? Moroni, in writing a few of the words of his father, Mormon, recorded, “Charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever.”

Joseph B. Wirthlin once stated, when we reach out to assist the least of Heavenly Father’s children, we do it unto Him.

Paul’s message to this new body of Saints was simple and direct: Nothing you do makes much of a difference if you do not have charity. You can speak with tongues, have the gift of prophecy, understand all mysteries, and possess all knowledge; even if you have the faith to move mountains, without charity it won’t profit you at all 1 Corinthians 13:1–2.

Currently in my own life, I have looked at a few of my own personal trials, for some there have been struggles great , for others struggles light, both though can carry the burden of guilt, sometimes shame and, almost always regret. The true love of Christ is charity, by that charity we feel of His grace, something I have spoken of many times within my blog that I write, it is that grace that sets us free from the despairs of the world that I just spoke of. Not very long ago in a council with our dear Branch President , we spoke of personal trials and the struggles we sometimes face as men and women, and His words were that of the Saviors as he so Prophetically quoted , “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Words of our Savior testifying again of His eternal Charity.

True love lasts forever. It is eternally patient and forgiving. It believes, hopes, and endures all things. That is the love our Heavenly Father bears for us.

We all yearn to experience love like this. Even when we make mistakes, we hope others will love us in spite of our shortcomings—even if we don’t deserve it.

It is wonderful to know that our Heavenly Father loves us—even with all our flaws! His love is such that even should we give up on ourselves, He never will.

We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever. Although we might settle for less, Heavenly Father won’t, for He sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of transformation. It takes us as men and women of the earth and refines us into men and women for the eternities.

I so bear my testimony that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ and that this work, the work of Charity is for all the Saints as well as all of mankind to be ever engaged in, I testify that as we adhere ourselves to the principles of living righteously and maintaining the covenants that we have made through baptism , that we will be able to live up to the expectations that Christ and our Father in Heaven has for us, and we will be Charitable in all our dealings, I bear witness that I know these principles are true and leave you this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

His Grace

As I have thought about some of the things we face as people in this life, I often wonder how much we look to the Savior for the strength we so desperately need. With the rise of unrighteous behavior all around us and the ever scary threat of evil and contention driven at the very core of the world we live in , it makes it difficult sometimes to remember the most important stuff. I try as I look through the dismal peep hole of life's door to see past all the crap and look at what really matters. When I do this I see the world as the beautiful splendor that it was intended to be seen as.

I thought just recently about the atonement and what its significant role in humanity it played. I thought about the amount and measure of harm and suffering it brought to the Savior and then was able to take a breath and wipe the tears from my cheek and say thank you Father for the love that Thou has for us. And with that thought still fresh in my mind, my minds eye began to see the face of the Savior, his soft eyes and gentle look. The way He simple would smile as he instilled eternal truths into those that would listen and with the love He could only posses softly reach toward a fallen child and embrace them with gentle care. And then with His soft reproach to Peter to sheath his sword when the soldier came for Him, and to still show compassion and love for all mankind, it made me think. While still caught up in the imagination of it all I began to feel the sorrow as I visualized the torture from the guards and the hateful laughter as they forced that crown of thorns upon our Majesty's head, how painful that must have been. With an eye single to the work laid before Him, He struggled to carry His cross, the cross He chose over heaven, so that we could be free. Deeply ingrained in my countenance and my memory is that dreadful but glorious event. When God became man that we might become eternal.

I know that this is a topic that I have spoken of often before, but one that can never be spoken of enough. For me each time it is brought back into perfect memory and I began to think deeply about it, is when there is something that I need to be focused upon, or even learned. Now a dear sister from church so eloquently wrote not long ago, that everyone is entitled to that atonement, and the power that it possesses, the power to free captive souls. There are people all around us that we as everyday people don't approve of, or maybe even don't like, those people need our prayers. Those people are the ones that this atonement is for as well, it does not apply only to the righteous and no one, no one deserves to die without a chance at salvation.

Many stand at the head of this great country we live in that probably don't know God the way we do, maybe it is because no one ever told them, maybe because someone never prayed for them. I know that there are people next door to us or people we work with that never have had a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ taught to them. So what do we do, we pray and we teach and if possible we invite them to attend church or read the word of God. But what we can't do is forget that the atonement is for all of God's children and not just His faithful children. The rewards listed for each faithful servant are available to all, we just need to share what they are.

The next time we feel the need to judge, or even condemn, please remember that when Jesus chose the cross over heaven, he chose to give us His grace and His mercy and more over, His freedom from death. May we all be willing to change I so pray in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A blessing

The most impressive thing I have seen or heard of in my life came from a person who has touched my life and the life of my family tremendously. I wanted to post something before now to tell the world of that person and the greatness that is within them, but unfortunately I haven't had the time.

The greatness of this person is found in the awesome things that she does for others, her selfless acts of kindness and her charity to all.....reminds me of someone else who too did such things for all of us. As I read the things that she has done and the impact she has upon lives my mind always fades to the Savior.

Once while under the distress of a horrible illness , this same woman faced a challenge that almost took her life! The diagnosis was dim and the cost for medication to high. With faith, not just any faith but that of which is possessed by those who are a step ahead of the rest of us , the kind of faith that men like Peter, James, and John possessed, to say nothing of Lehi or Nephi, and of course Joseph. Her dismal outlook of dispare held no chains over her, and like the woman in the scriptures whose disease of the blood was healed at the touch of the Saviors robe, so my dear friend was also, by her faith and that of her Loving husbands, a blessing was performed and freedom was again granted.

The reason for the praise, more than any other is that by example this person has lead a life worthy of praise and has shown me and the world what the love of God looks like. If you stare at this woman for even a glimpse the light of Christ will Peirce to your very soul.

A gift was given........A blessing for all............A life was spared, the beautiful thing about it is she has never forgot!

Thank you Ann for your inspiration! I cannot express to you how much Hope and I love and adore all that you do. We are very blessed to know you and are so thankful that you set a wonderful example of what God's love truly looks like.

Friday, September 18, 2009

And they wrought a mighty miriacle upon the land

So it would appear that the only time I seem to blog anymore is about once a month. The last one wasn't even a blog but just some picture of the chickens.

The quest we appear to be on these days lingers toward survival rather than living, with the economy in the so called toilet and with the Whitehouse in an uproar, and with politicians deciding our future on Earth, we really are living in a scary time. Some will say the end is near but that is always the comment . Some will say that we have started the apocalyptic era of time with wars and rumors of wars at our door step, but some will say isn't life great!

I currently know 4 woman who are expecting baby's in the near future, and honestly my hat is off to them. That is the kind of positive thinking we need around each of us. I know that in the lectures on the Prophet Joseph Smith, by Truman G. Madsen, he speaks of and quotes the Prophet when he says" and in the last days when things are ruff, it will only be the Latter-Day Saint woman whom are willing to give birth" What a wonderful message to the world these pillars of the world are sending for all to see! Give birth , breath life into what some would call dark or even death. My hat is truly off to you ladies.

In the ministry of the Apostle Paul, as he carried his message, the Savior's message, to each of the Church's and to the towns he explained to them that in there time of peril and hardship there was hope. Hope found through the ministry of Christ, and although Paul thought that he would see the return of Christ in his day, he never once sat upon his laurels and waited to do something. There was never an ounce of procrastination in his testimony or willingness to spread the good news, that Jesus is the Christ. Paul's counter part across the globe, Alma, too worked diligently with the same kind of admonishing to the people, " be ye ready for the great and dreadful day of the Lord". Never once thinking that Christ was not coming, but it was hope that drove these men, these great men on valor.

In the days that follow the stories of these great apostles there are many instances throughout history in which people think its time for Christ to return. I believe it will be soon myself, but I do not think its time to sit back on my laurels and wait for Christ, In stead I think its time to serve Christ, time to really live. For the things that are truly important. So I commend these woman who choose to have children and I say with all the fervor of my soul, that life is meant to be lived, and lived well. A sad glance at the issue that face us all don't solve any problems but instead cause more problems. I heard a motivational speaker once say that "the world doesn't need to hear another sermon as bad as it needs to see one" I could not agree more!

What a better way to say " World we are still here and we will continue to be here" than to have children. I know we all say we know this.... but think about it some more ......all things, yes every single thing is subject unto the Father, with that in mind be positive and have the faith that is instilled in each of us to believe that He know what He is doing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The survivors

The mighty Solemn our Rooster, he's kinda mean. He jumped up and kicked Chase the other day!
Thats Barbie on the right, Easter on the left and Solemn again.
Hey that's not a chicken, but he sure is cute!
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the newbies and the recoveries.

12 little babies altogether. 6 Road Island Reds and 6 Rockford's

Mable is the white one ( my chicken ) and the brown is Dog ( Alex's ) she wanted a dog and we told her no so when we were going to get the chickens at first she said " well can I name one Dog?" We said sure. LOL these are my two survivors and my egg layers, there both good chickens.
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in a nut shell

So long I sat at the edge of our bed typing away at this computer, blogging to share my thoughts and feelings. The mishaps of everyday life have a way of getting in the way. So with a fire of a desire to start blogging again I will start with everyday living, the very thing that has seem to keep me from my task.

I have been very busy with work but more importantly , I have been busy emotionally and spiritually. I have been striving to better myself as a husband and man, and now the father and Priesthood holder. I have embarked upon the "Love Dare" to understand what true love is and have a greater appreciation and deeper love for my wife. The book and Idea is fantastic! All though, trying diligently to be rigorously honest with myself , I have had to redo a couple of the Dare's, however long it take I will get through the 40 days and turn it into forever. I can honestly say it has already changed our relationship to the better and I see a change in both myself and Hope, and she doesn't know I am doing it. On the back cover it says "Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong, The Love Dare is a journey you need to take." I have made it to day 19 so far and It is tough if your trying but so far well worth it.

My chickens have made a mighty come back! The two that were sick on there very death bed have begun to lay eggs. How cool is that! The day that the attack took place, while devastated at not only the loss of our beloved chickens, but trying to subdue the pain the children faced because of the loss, we ordered from the local feed store 12 more baby chickens. With the thought in mind that we would only have 2 hens and 1 rooster, the idea of more sounded great, who knew that we would, with the help of God manage to save the other two. That is okay though because we are happy to have the pets, yes I said pets because we love them that way. They were never bought with the intent to kill so we have chose to name them and the kids are happy.

I am happy to have the opportunity to share a little being that I never seem to have time anymore. I hope you enjoy.